Is it possible to lose weight on kefir: how to drink a healthy product correctly

If you are interested in whether it is possible to lose weight on kefir, remember that this drink has a beneficial effect on the body, thanks to it, the process of losing weight is faster, because it is not in vain that kefir fasting days have been created, and various diets have been developed. Check out several diet options, find out if it is possible to lose extra pounds with such a diet and to whom this fermented milk liquid may be contraindicated.

How is kefir useful?

To find out whether a fermented milk product is useful, you should familiarize yourself with its composition and action. So, the calorie content of the drink is not high, which is important for those who dream of losing weight. Kefir diets have a mild effect on the body, due to which the fat goes away smoothly. Thanks to the drink, you can solve the problem of constipation, get rid of the feeling of heaviness in the stomach and other problems related to the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Before you learn how to lose weight with the help of kefir, it is still better to find out what are the benefits of this kind of diet.

Is it possible to lose weight with kefir

The fermented milk drink is ideal for those seeking to lose weight. Nutritionists and even doctors classify it as "especially useful" and recommend drinking to everyone who has any kind of problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Is it possible to lose weight on kefir? Yes, because he:

  • contributes to the normalization of intestinal microflora, as a result of which intestinal function improves and immunity increases;
  • rich in protein that the body needs;
  • cleanses the body of all substances and toxins that negatively affect the activity of the digestive system;
  • quickly saturates the body - a glass of fermented milk product before bedtime will relieve you of an irrepressible feeling of hunger;
  • has a mild diuretic effect, which helps to remove swelling;
  • promotes the production of hormones responsible for the processing of fat.
kefir for weight loss

How much can you reset in a week

Reviews of those who tried the kefir diet say that they managed to lose weight on average by 2-4 kg per week. You can notice the plumb line on the scales, weighing in the morning of the fourth day, on an empty stomach. It is worth remembering that the bulk of the lost weight is water and toxins, because the intestines are also cleansed when drinking a fermented milk drink. With this method of losing weight, pure fat takes about 1 kg, but even 1 kg of fat is minus 1 clothing size.

How long can you sit on a kefir diet

Doctors do not recommend drinking only one fermented milk product for more than 3 days, otherwise you can harm the body. Slimming systems, in the menu of which there are two products (a drink with cottage cheese or with vegetables), can be observed for up to a week. Having decided to try a long-term method, it is better to give preference, for example, to a diet on kefir with buckwheat. For the benefit of the body and for weight loss, you can also replace dinner with a drink.

How to drink kefir to lose weight

You can lose weight by using kefir, but the dosage of the drink should be chosen, depending on your endurance and willpower. For example, if you have no idea how you can drink only sour milk for a whole week, then this kind of mono-diet, which is classified as "tough, " is contraindicated for you. If you follow any of the diets, you will need to drink on average about 1. 5 liters of fermented milk drink per day, while the main product should not be fat-free - the optimal fat content is 1%.

Mono-diet on kefir

If you are wondering if you can quickly lose weight on kefir, try the 3-day mono-diet - a tough but effective way. The ration menu does not include any products (especially sugar, alcohol, fatty foods) besides the drink - within 3 days you need to drink 1. 5 liters, dividing the volume into 6 servings. It is recommended to drink plenty of water - up to 2 liters. Fermented milk can have a minimum percentage of fat or be fat-free.

A diet, the menu of which is designed for 3 days, can also be used to unload the body after a vacation or a feast. Thanks to three fasting days, you will quickly lose weight and cleanse your body. Is it possible to lose weight on kefir in a few days? It is possible, but only with strict adherence to the diet. Reviews prove that after going through a mono-diet, it takes up to 3 kg of excess weight.

the girl drinks kefir for weight loss

Striped kefir diet

This method for losing weight has practically no drawbacks, because you can eat here, alternating kefir days with the days when it is allowed to eat your usual food. You can follow a striped diet for up to a month without harming the body. During this time, the drink will help cleanse, which will help you lose weight and improve your overall well-being and health. For a month with such a nutrition system, you can lose weight up to 8 kg.

The striped diet has simple rules: on a kefir day, you need to distribute 2 liters of the drink into portions and drink them throughout the day. It is advisable to drink a lot of water - about 1. 5 liters. You can also quench your thirst with unsweetened green tea. Those who are tormented by a strong feeling of hunger are allowed to eat an apple. On days when you will eat regular food, try to observe proper nutrition - give preference to vegetables, fruits, cereals, herbs.

Kefir for breakfast and dinner

Another option is how you can get rid of excess fat. So, a diet on kefir and citrus fruits implies the use of a glass of fermented milk drink, for example, with an orange instead of breakfast and dinner. All other meals can include foods you are used to. In order to lose at least 5 kilograms in a month, do not overeat, observe your daily calorie intake, and for the benefit of your body and health, find more time for exercise.

Does kefir help you lose weight

Fermented milk drink is a mixture of sourdough and milk based on kefir fungi. The product is easily absorbed by the body, and due to the presence of microorganisms in the composition, it improves digestive processes, intestinal microflora, and stabilizes metabolism. The drink helps women lose weight, therefore, many different diets have been created, in the menu of which it is both a main product and an additional one.

Kefir diet for 3 days

For those looking to lose weight quickly, you can try a complex 3-day diet. For weight loss, it is advisable to use a fresh drink that has a minimum percentage of fat - it contains a lot of beneficial bacteria. Before you sit down on this diet, read its basic rules:

  1. Every day you need to drink 1. 5 liters of the drink. If it is fat-free, the daily allowance can be increased to 2 liters.
  2. Fermented milk liquid must be distributed into 6 equal parts and consumed after the same amount of time.
  3. It is undesirable to combine a fermented milk product with water.
a glass of kefir for weight loss

A week on kefir

If you are ready to strictly follow the rules, not change the menu, and you have no contraindications to drinking a fermented milk drink, then try the weekly diet option. So, the 7-day diet menu includes 1. 5 liters of a fermented milk drink with a fat content of 2. 5% and other products:

  • 1st - 4 boiled potatoes;
  • 2nd - 150 grams of boiled lean chicken meat;
  • 3rd - 200 grams of boiled lean beef;
  • 4th - 150 grams of fish;
  • 5th - 1 kilogram of apples or vegetable salad (carrots, cucumbers, cabbage);
  • 6-7th - nothing but kefir and water.

Kefir diet for 14 days

This food system is suitable for people who do not have problems or diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. A kefir diet for 2 weeks will allow you to lose 15 kilograms, but for this you need to follow certain rules:

  • eat at least 6 times / day in small portions;
  • you can not eat after 18 pm;
  • drink herbal infusions daily (on an empty stomach);
  • drink about 1. 5 liters of water every day;
  • cleanse the intestines by doing enemas or using laxatives.

You can follow a kefir diet for no more than 14 days. Her menu for 7 days looks like this:

  • 1st - 0. 5 l of fermented milk drink, 300 g of dried fruits (prunes, raisins);
  • 2nd - 0. 5 l of kefir, 400 g of baked potatoes;
  • 3rd - 0. 5 l of fermented milk product, 400 g of fruit;
  • 4th - 0. 5 liters of drink, up to 1 kg of boiled chicken fillet;
  • 5th - 0. 5 liters of drink, up to 1 kg of cottage cheese (0% fat);
  • 6th - up to 2 liters of clean water;
  • 7th - 0. 5 l of kefir, 0. 5 kg of fruit.
boiled chicken breast for kefir diet

Contraindications for losing weight on kefir

A fermented milk product can be drunk by almost everyone, because this drink is not only tasty, but also useful for losing weight and the body as a whole. However, in addition to vitamins, it contains bacteria, which can be a contraindication for a certain group of people. So, the category of those who cannot lose weight with the help of a fermented milk drink include:

  • people who have a duodenal ulcer or stomach;
  • pregnant women and women during lactation;
  • those who suffer from gastritis;
  • people who have diseases such as pancreatitis, rickets, cholecystitis.