A diet of proper nutrition for weight loss

the basics of proper nutrition for weight loss

In the subconscious of most people, healthy eating, which all doctors in unison call the most reasonable measure not only for overweight, but also for many diseases, is clearly associated with water and lettuce. Perhaps a piece of boiled chicken breast is still occasionally attached to this still life. But even then - on holidays. And the reason lies not even in the fact that someone considers proper nutrition to be a diet that needs to be endured, except that its period is somewhat longer than others. And the fact that the word "correct" somehow instantly cuts off all the goodies and harmfulness, setting the body to stress in advance. But in reality, everything is not so sad. And to be sure of this, it is worthwhile to thoroughly study the diet of proper nutrition on your own. The basic principles are familiar to everyone, although not always in full. It will not be superfluous to refresh your memory and go over them with a glance.

The basis of proper nutrition

The basic principles of good nutrition are as follows:

  • Water mode. This moment is almost fundamental, since the day begins and ends with water. According to the postulates of a healthy diet, every day in the morning, after getting out of bed, you need to drink one or two glasses of boiled warm water. This improves intestinal peristalsis, cleanses the body of toxins and toxins accumulated overnight, and starts the digestive process. And, therefore, it awakens the feeling of hunger. Moreover, it is warm water that is required, since cold water will negatively affect the gastrointestinal tract. Especially with problems of the liver, gallbladder and high acidity. During the day, one and a half to two liters of pure water is drunk, which does not include herbal teas, coffee and juices. It is advisable that a glass of warm water is also taken before each meal. This will allow you to eat less and more.
  • In the diet of proper nutrition, the first place is always given to non-starchy vegetables and fruits rich in fiber, as well as cereals. They have a positive effect on the work of the digestive tract, enrich the body with vitamins and microelements, and affect many systems. When ingested and swollen, fiber provides a quick and long-lasting feeling of fullness and gently cleanses the intestines. In addition, carbohydrates from vegetables, fruits and cereals are easily digested without causing sudden spikes in insulin in the blood, which allows them to be consumed in almost any quantity, even with obesity and problems with sugar levels.
  • Food should be steamed or cooked and stewed. Bake in the oven preferably on a grill or in foil, without additional fats in the form of butter, mayonnaise or sour cream. No frying. This is due not so much to the calorie content of the dishes as to the load on the liver and pancreas. Salads are dressed with olive oil or walnut oil. But it is better to use lemon juice or natural low-fat yogurt for this purpose - up to 5%.
  • You should not deny yourself sweet, but this sweet must be right. In the diet for weight loss, chocolate may be present, but only dark, with over 75% cocoa. And it should be used in the morning in small quantities. And yet, from such delicacies, it is better to give preference to marshmallows or natural fruit marmalade on applesauce without chemical additives. Again - before lunch and with a clear dosage. And cakes with fat cream, cakes with whipped cream, ice cream in chocolate and with caramel have nothing to do with the correct diet for weight loss.
  • Portions also need to be controlled. Nobody will take you to the chopping block for two hundred grams of boiled meat instead of one hundred. But the first, second and compote, even if they are completely and completely natural, will definitely not affect the weight loss process in the best way. Ideally, the most full plate will turn out at lunch, a little less - for breakfast, and even less or equal to it - for dinner.
  • For snacks, which are not prohibited in the diet of proper nutrition, vegetables and fruits, nuts, cottage cheese, dairy products with a low percentage of fat and without a kilogram of chemical additives are selected. And snacks are required not every hour, but only in breaks between meals, lasting more than three hours.

Approximate diet of proper nutrition for a week and a day

an example of a nutritional menu for weight loss

In order for a clear picture of how exactly the daily and weekly menu is built in the end in accordance with the above principles, you should sketch a sketch of the correct diet for the day. And also to explain how things are with the frequency of consumption of certain products within a week, since the diet of proper nutrition calculated for a week does not differ significantly from the daily one. And therefore there is no need to talk about all seven days in detail.


After the obligatory glass or two of warm boiled water, wait fifteen to twenty minutes. Then there can be three options: the main one is oatmeal or corn porridge with milk or water, seasoned with honey. Raisins and dried apricots are allowed as natural sources of fructose. Fresh fruit can also be added.

The second is herbal tea, boiled egg, bread and a layer of cheese. The crispbread can be replaced with grain bread.

The third is cottage cheese or natural yogurt, just like porridge, seasoned with honey or fruit. Such a breakfast is intended to energize, start digestion and tone up.


The main requirement for lunch is fullness. In addition, meals should be hot and liquid two to three times a week. This frequency of soup consumption is sufficient for the smooth functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. And they can be cooked both in meat and vegetable or fish broth.

Another lunch option is stewed or steamed meat, which is not recommended more than twice a week. An ideal side dish for it is fresh or steamed vegetables, cereals.

The third option is boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes, or pasta made from durum wheat. Supplemented with vegetables. Such food is also allowed no more than a couple of times every seven days. As a result, at least the lunchtime diet of proper nutrition for a week is already being ideally varied. Three days of soups - vegetable, fish or poultry, two days of meat, two days of potatoes or pasta. And they all perfectly alternate with each other.


Dinner is the lightest, but still quite nutritious, so you can't get by with one apple. By the way, it is better to eat this fruit in the morning: it activates the digestive processes. And in the evening they need to be slowed down.

  • Option one: steamed fish, cucumber and tomato salad, seasoned with lemon juice.
  • Option two: vegetable stew.
  • Option three: low-fat cottage cheese, which can be seasoned with honey and cinnamon, or combined with citrus fruits.

Before bedtime, kefir or other fermented milk drink is allowed, but it must be natural. Not yogurt with pieces of fruit and a kilo of sugar.

Such a quick-and-dirty daily diet of the right kind requires individual refinement, limited only by the creator's imagination. After all, even cereals are suitable not only for cooking porridge: you can make cutlets and casseroles from them. Fish can be the basis for a delicate soufflé, and vegetables make delicious smoothies. As a result, any clear diet of proper nutrition for the day is just an example to start from, and not a limiter of imagination.