How to lose weight correctly: nutrition, exercise and weight loss speed

The recommendations given in this section are easier to follow for people who have already attended our sessions and are in a natural weight loss mode. They come down to either a reminder or an analysis of the most common mistakes.

The only real possibility

When dreaming of being slim, you need to clearly understand that the only way to effectively lose weight, or simply lose a few extra pounds for a while, is to "burn" all your excess, using it as fuel for basic metabolism and activity.

Let us separately make a reservation that if you are psychophysically inclined to overdo the kilocalories, then following your wishes may be a difficult undertaking for you. Weight loss is much easier for those who have completed the S. P. program. Semenov about obesity. They allow you to switch yourself into a stable energy state that promotes weight loss. After this, following the instructions at home, eating low-calorie foods and being active, good tone turns out to be a lifestyle.

How to eat healthy

An obligatory deficit of kilocalories occurs if you maintain the same intensity of vital activity, and you reduce energy consumption by reducing the average daily calorie intake. And remember: you need to consume less food, not less calories! To do this, you should take into account the calorie content of foods. It is recommended to avoid consuming sugar, baked goods, and high-fat foods.

A proper diet should be balanced

To achieve an ideal weight, some agree to many things, including one-sided, incomplete, mono-diets, when it is proposed for months to eat dishes with a clear predominance of one product - one of the cereals, some vegetables, or vice versa - animal protein, drinka lot, use infusions of quite potent herbs, etc. , etc.

Often, after much torment, the majority themselves find their mistake. But it’s better not to do it, not to listen to bad advice and not to spoil your already not very successful metabolism!

Even a low-calorie diet should be as varied as possible, tasty and, in any case, complete in composition, contain the required amount of proteins, fats, and be rich in vitamins and minerals.

weight loss rules

Remember about protein and vitamins

With proper nutrition, food contains the norm of well-digestible protein established by nutritionists (eggs, fish, meat, dairy products), the required amount of carbohydrates, and the daily age norm of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Eat more often, do not allow yourself to feel hungry. Hunger will activate nutrient storage mechanisms.

For optimal speed of weight loss, choose a daily caloric intake that is 500-600 kilocalories less than your daily energy expenditure. See a selection of food products for 1300, 1500 and 1700 kilocalories here.

Rules for performing physical exercises

Is it necessary to actively engage in physical exercise to speed up the weight loss process? How to dose exercises correctly so that they burn excess fat? Is it possible to develop an optimal training program that will allow you to get rid of excess pounds in the shortest possible time? All these questions are of acute concern to many of our compatriots who want to look beautiful and young!

First of all, you should understand that excess weight does not appear due to banal "gluttony, " but precisely because of the body’s internal mood to receive an extra "portion of tasty" calories. The main reason for this is the excess of energy consumption (from food) over daily expenditure. Being in this mode and trying to reduce weight by increasing the intensity of physical activity, a positive result will most likely not be achieved. Although physical exercise will help improve your health and become more fit.

You can regularly swim, spin a hula hoop, and perform other exercises that will help to improve your figure to a certain extent, increase muscle mass, and posture, but these activities will clearly not be enough to lose weight. The fact is that the human body will proportionally require (and, rest assured, will receive) additional energy to replenish costs.

The first thing you need to do before increasing energy costs is to reboot, reconfigure your feelings. This technique is called autogenic programming, and with its help you can quickly solve the problem of lack of motivation.

You can and should walk more, and if possible, swim regularly. Physical activity such as Nordic walking is useful especially for older people, as well as those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Diet for losing weight on the stomach and sides. Diet menu.

To lose weight, you need to exercise and eat high-quality, healthy foods. But losing weight in the abdomen and sides is not an easy task; these places are the most problematic and difficult to correct. And a special diet will help reduce the volume, allowing you to eat with virtually no restrictions and with health benefits.

Diet principles

principles of nutrition for weight loss

To lose weight in the abdomen and sides, you first need to eliminate the cause of weight gain. If you have problems with endocrinology, then be sure to undergo treatment. If your thyroid gland is functioning normally, eliminate other factors that cause weight gain:

  • Eat often, but in small portions. A strict diet and hunger strikes will do more harm than good.
  • Avoid sweets, soda and flour products.
  • Increase your physical activity. If you don't have time to go to the gym, do aerobics, yoga, or take a walk at home in the evenings.
  • Even ordinary stairs will do.
  • Maintain a drinking regime by drinking at least 1. 5 liters of clean water per day. In summer, the body needs more - at least 2 liters per day.
  • Avoid salt or reduce your intake. It’s unusual and tasteless only for the first 5-7 days, then you will get used to the new taste of food and it will seem more pleasant to you.
  • Watch your calories. Buy a kitchen scale, weigh each food you eat and record it in a food journal. This will help you calculate the number of calories you are taking in and adjust them to be a little less than normal.

Diet menu for losing weight on the stomach and sides

There are a huge number of diets for losing weight. When choosing, you should take into account your goals - the faster you need to lose weight, the stricter the nutrition system. If we talk about a proper diet that is not harmful to health, then it has several components:

  • Small portions - the size of each should not exceed 250 g.
  • Fractional meals - there should be 3 full meals and 2 snacks per day.
  • Temperature – food should be warm.
  • Drinking regimen - drink a glass of warm water every morning, then throughout the day 30 minutes before meals and an hour after meals.
  • Combine foods correctly - meat with vegetables, cereals with vegetables. But cereals and meat do not go well together.

Diet menu for losing weight in the abdomen and sides for 1 day

If you decide to use the right diet to lose weight on your stomach and sides, then a sample menu for 1 day will help you with this.

  • Breakfast. Oatmeal porridge with water and apple.
  • Snack. Cheese sandwich, green tea.
  • Dinner. Chicken soup, baked fish with vegetable salad.
  • Snack. 1 grapefruit.
  • Dinner. Seafood salad.
  • Late dinner. Kefir or cottage cheese.

If you feel hungry between meals, you can satisfy it with nuts, kefir or any fruit.

Diet menu for losing weight on the stomach and sides for 4 days

To get rid of fat deposits, you need to constantly adhere to the rules of a healthy diet. Ideally, throughout your life to reduce the risks of various diseases and prevent weight gain.

A sample menu for 4 days looks like this:

Day Breakfast Dinner Dinner
1 Baked curd cheesecakes Boiled chicken breast, vegetable stew Fish soup
2 Boiled eggs, toast Puree vegetable soup, piece of boiled fish Beef baked with zucchini and carrots
3 Oatmeal with milk Buckwheat porridge, vegetable salad Veal stewed with vegetables
4 Rice with vegetables Chicken soup Meat in pots

Diet menu for losing weight on the stomach and sides for 1 week

An effective diet for losing weight on the stomach and sides involves giving up sweets. And in order not to experience a carbohydrate deficiency, you need to include more fruits and cereals in your diet.

The weekly menu looks like this:

Day Breakfast Dinner Dinner
1 Oatmeal with berries Beetroot soup with chicken Stewed cabbage, boiled pollock
2 Cottage cheese Meat casserole Vegetable salad
3 Buckwheat porridge with tomatoes Meat soup with potatoes Fish baked in foil with vegetables
4 Curd cheesecakes Vegetable puree soup Boiled beef, tomato and cucumber salad
5 Cottage cheese casserole Ear Meatballs with rice
6 Hercules porridge with fruits Chicken breast stewed in tomato Millet milk porridge
7 Boiled eggs Vegetable salad, boiled chicken breast Vegetable stew with pieces of veal

Effective diets for losing weight at home

If you want to quickly get rid of belly fat and sides, then you should try more strict diets. They help you lose up to 5 kg in a week. But you can adhere to them only if there are no various diseases.

What diets help you lose weight:

  • buckwheat diet - involves eating only buckwheat for 5-7 days;
  • kefir diet – drink only kefir for 3-5 days;
  • water diet - eat right and do fasting days every 3 days, during which you can only drink water;
  • cabbage diet – cook dishes only from cabbage for 5-7 days;
  • Rice diet – eat only boiled rice for 5 days.

Nutritionists and doctors are skeptical about mono-diets, since they cause enormous harm to the body. First of all, this is serious stress, and secondly, the lack of necessary vitamins and minerals.

Physical activity for the abdomen and sides

exercises for losing weight on the stomach and sides

To lose weight in problem areas, choose any sport. But especially effective:

It is best to select exercises for weight loss with a trainer or doctor. Age, body weight, equipment, as well as diseases must be taken into account.

At home, without harm to your health, you can use a set of exercises, which includes:

  • squats – 20 times;
  • plank – 60 seconds;
  • twisting – 15 times for each side;
  • bending to the side – 15 times for each side;
  • jumping rope – 1 minute.

By performing the listed exercises 3-4 times a week, you will notice significant improvements in your figure. The main thing is not to be lazy, eat right and don’t get nervous over trifles!

How to lose weight without dieting at home

To get a slim figure, you don't need heavy long-term diets. Rather, they will lead to the opposite result, since they too often provoke breakdowns and do not bring the expected effect. Nutritionists recommend losing weight at home without dieting. To do this, you need to maintain a balance of two important components: a proper diet and the corresponding energy costs.

choosing between healthy and unhealthy foods

Losing weight without a diet at home is not only realistic, but also more correct. In the process of returning to a slim body and normal weight, the main thing is to avoid shock shocks to the body and systematically move towards the goal, following the useful recommendations of nutritionists and endocrinologists.

Basic rules for losing weight at home without dieting

basic rules for losing weight without dieting

When losing weight without dieting at home, we are talking about the right approach to the weight loss process.

By following the basic rules of weight loss, you can get rid of fat deposits and get in shape in a few months without suffering.

  1. Motivation. Excess weight will not start to go away on its own. A person’s desire to achieve results must be supported by sufficient motivation. Usually, for this, a person realizes why he needs to lose weight and what it will give him. Willpower and motivation are the most important factors for those who strive for a slim body.
  2. "No" to hunger strikes. The most important rule is that starving is strictly forbidden, this will only push you further from achieving your goal. Refusal to eat is very harmful and causes stress to the body. For normal life, a person needs to consume nutrients. Fasting always leads to breakdowns - for some they happen earlier, for others they last longer. As a result, the kilograms come back.
  3. Proper nutrition. You need to plan your menu for every day. This is not about a diet, but about proper nutrition. The diet should include healthy foods, without artificial ingredients, then the body will begin to work better and effectively lose weight.
  4. Proper physical activity. Without adequate energy expenditure, it is impossible to burn excess fat deposits. In addition, feasible, regular and proper physical exercise (not sports) allows you to maintain muscle tone and form a beautiful muscle profile.
balanced diet for weight loss

Balanced nutrition for weight loss without dieting

To correctly create your diet for weight loss at home, in addition to proper training and motivation, you need to follow several important recommendations from nutritionists. If they are carried out conscientiously, fat deposits will gradually disappear.

physical activity for weight loss

Daily routine rules for losing weight without dieting

Excess weight is often a consequence of a slow metabolism in the body. A person can eat very little of the right food, drink enough water, and still gain weight.

If disorders of the endocrine system are excluded, this may happen because the day is structured incorrectly. To lose weight without a diet at home, you need, in addition to setting the right goal, to be able to properly plan your daily routine.

Often the metabolism in the body slows down in those who go to bed late and get up late, and at the same time feel sleep-deprived. Only a few of those who are accustomed to going to bed after midnight are truly night owls by nature. In most cases, this is a disruption to the daily routine.

The optimal time to go to bed is 22. 00, it is recommended to get up at 7. 00. A person who goes to bed before 23. 00 and gets up early sleeps well and feels better. The following will help tone the body and speed up metabolism:

  • Morning work-out.
  • Contrast shower after exercise.
  • Movement. Be sure to walk more stairs.
  • Walk in the fresh air at least 1 hour a day.
  • Vigorous physical exercise.

Proper workouts at home for weight loss

It is important to understand that it is very difficult to lose weight without dieting at home without physical activity, and besides, a feasible load on the muscles has a positive effect on the entire body.

It is not always possible to visit a fitness center or gym, but you can still find a way out. To achieve the desired result when performing physical exercises, you must adhere to the basic rules of implementation:

  • The frequency of training should be from 2 to 4 times a week. A smaller amount will not give the desired result; more frequent exercise will become stressful for the body. You can start with 2 classes a week, gradually increasing the frequency.
  • It is not advisable to take breaks during the training process. All complexes should be performed smoothly and non-stop.
  • For weight loss, the ideal training time is 40-45 minutes. But poorly prepared people should not start with such long training sessions. It is best to take a ten-minute set of physical exercises as a basis, gradually adding 5-10 minutes a week to it until you get 40-45 minutes. Excessive loads should also be avoided, as they can lead to serious disruptions in the functioning of the body.
  • Each exercise should be performed correctly, strictly following the technique. The final result depends on it: whether you get a slender, toned body or joint diseases.
  • Any workout should begin with a warm-up and end with stretching of the worked muscle groups. Warming up will help warm up your muscles and prevent injury to them during exercise.
  • It's good if you have the opportunity to train outdoors. In this case, the warm-up can be replaced by jogging.
  • After a weight loss workout, it is not recommended to eat immediately after doing the exercises; you need to give the body the opportunity to consume accumulated fats. Eating is allowed 2 hours after exercise.
  • To get results, the exercises must be repeated 10-15 times and, if possible, do 2-3 approaches with minimal rest between them.

4 common mistakes

Before we move on directly to considering the diet for weight loss, we need to name the most serious mistakes that are made by women who decide to "declare war" on extra pounds:

  1. Just eat less. The general strategy is correct - the amount of food consumed really needs to be reduced. However, we must not forget about the need to monitor a balanced diet. A prolonged lack of supply of certain nutrients by the body is guaranteed to cause metabolic disorders, which in the future will only accelerate the gain of hated excess weight.
  2. Saving hunger. An even more serious mistake is a complete refusal of food - that is, fasting. You need to understand that fat cells completely deprived of nutrition are subject to metabolic stress and therefore, immediately after resuming food intake, they begin to make "reserves" at double speed - in case hunger suddenly recurs. Fasting is quite successfully used to treat some diseases, but obesity is not included in their list.
  3. Mono-diets. Diets of this type prescribe eating 200-300 grams of some low-calorie product 4-6 times a day - apples, cucumbers, low-fat kefir, etc. Unfortunately, such a diet is not suitable for sustainable weight loss for the same reasons thatwere stated in the two paragraphs above. Mono-diets are recommended as a one-day fasting day after some one-time "violations" - for example, a large feast on the New Year.
  4. Lack of water. The most critical mistake women make when trying to lose weight is not drinking enough plain water. The lack of free fluid makes it difficult to break down fat deposits, as a result of which it is impossible to lose weight even on the most strict diets. In addition, sometimes a constant feeling of hunger is caused precisely by dehydration of the body, but after regulating the drinking regime, the irrepressible desire to "chew something" quickly disappears.
common mistakes when losing weight

It should also be remembered that sometimes excess weight gain is caused by endocrinological disorders - especially during or after menopause. Diets alone cannot correct this problem. In such a situation, it is better to consult an endocrinologist.

Authorized products

The general rules for an effective diet for weight loss for women are the following four points:

  • completely eliminate "empty" carbohydrates;
  • reduce fat intake to a minimum (but do not eliminate it completely! );
  • the menu should contain a sufficient amount of protein foods;
  • Make sure your diet contains enough vitamins and minerals.

Based on this, the following types of products and dishes are allowed for consumption:

  1. Flour products. Rye bread, bran bread, wholemeal products.
  2. First meal. Lenten vegetables - cabbage soup, beetroot soup, borscht, vegetarian okroshka.
  3. Meat and fish. All low-fat varieties, boiled or stewed.
  4. Cereals. Pearl barley and buckwheat in the form of crumbly porridges.
  5. Vegetables. Any raw, stewed or boiled.
  6. Eggs. Boiled or hard-boiled, steam omelettes.
  7. Dairy. Low-fat milk and kefir, low-fat cheeses and cottage cheese, low-fat sour cream, unsweetened yogurt.
  8. Fats. Vegetable oil and butter in dishes.
  9. Snacks. Salads from raw or boiled vegetables with a small amount of vegetable oil, seafood.
  10. Sauces. Tomato or weak mushroom ones.
  11. Dessert. Berries and fruits of sweet and sour varieties, compotes and jellies without sugar.
  12. Beverages. Tea and weak coffee with sugar substitutes, rosehip or chicory root decoction, tomato juice, sugar-free compotes.
allowed foods for weight loss

Prohibited Products

  • Products made from first and highest grade wheat flour;
  • products made from puff pastry and butter dough;
  • first courses with the addition of cereals (except those allowed) and pasta;
  • all fatty meats or fish - including in the form of broths;
  • lard, cooking fats;
  • boiled and smoked varieties of sausages;
  • canned fish in oil;
  • pasta, semolina, rice, legumes;
  • potatoes - limited;
  • baked milk, cream, sweet yoghurts;
  • fatty varieties of cheese and cottage cheese in any form;
  • fatty or spicy types of sauces and snacks;
  • refined sugar in any form, cocoa;
  • sweet fruits - bananas, grapes, raisins, dates, figs.


The most difficult question about losing weight is how many times a day should you eat? The best option: five times - three main meals and two intermediate snacks in order to suppress the growing feeling of hunger. Snacks should be as light as possible - for example, eat an apple or a boiled egg.

Sample diet menu for a week


  • Breakfast: vegetable casserole.
  • Lunch: mushroom borscht, meatloaf with stewed carrots, fruit jelly.
  • Dinner: carrot and cottage cheese casserole.
  • Breakfast: boiled beet puree.
  • Lunch: vegetable soup, boiled chicken with carrot puree, fruit jelly.
  • Dinner: vegetarian Olivier seasoned with sour cream.
  • Breakfast: buckwheat porridge with a little butter.
  • Lunch: green cabbage soup with a boiled egg, stewed meat with a side dish of green peas, baked apples.
  • Dinner: fruit salad.
  • Breakfast: baked herring, boiled potatoes
  • Lunch: vegetarian borscht, stewed beet salad, boiled beef stroganoff.
  • Dinner: zucchini puree, one egg omelette.
  • Breakfast: scrambled eggs from one egg, vegetable salad with a small amount of sour cream or vegetable oil.
  • Lunch: beetroot soup, stewed meat with raw vegetables.
  • Dinner: boiled fish, stewed cabbage.
  • Breakfast. pearl barley porridge with a little butter.
  • Lunch: lean borscht or soup, boiled meat, stewed beet salad.
  • Dinner: vegetarian cabbage rolls.


  • Breakfast: vinaigrette with a small amount of vegetable oil.
  • Lunch: vegetable soup, boiled meat with stewed cabbage.
  • Dinner: boiled potatoes and steam omelette.

The daily norm of bread is no more than 150 grams.

And one more thing - as a conclusion

A properly formulated diet ensures confident and sustainable weight loss, but such weight loss will most likely occur unevenly if the diet is not supplemented with an individually selected set of physical exercises.

This is quite easy to do: you just need to purchase a club card for a good fitness center and contact a trainer-instructor for appropriate advice. A combination of diet and fitness will help you quickly bring your weight and figure to ideal condition - and isn’t this what every woman dreams of?