How to find motivation to lose weight

how to lose excess weight

How to motivate yourself to lose weight is an ever-present question. Not everyone can set themselves up for change, look into a healthy future without worry, and find the strength to give up their addiction to food as a comforter and the only source of pleasure. And it’s not even a matter of weakness, but a lack of desire and incorrectly formulated goals. Everything will work out, you just have to want it - this truth is also true in relation to the fight against excess weight. But what if we are accustomed to putting off solving important issues until later and starting a new life exclusively on Monday? There is only one way out - searching for the strongest motivators that will force you to act right now, before it is too late.

How often do we dream - I’ll start running in the morning, eat right, give up fast food and sweets. . . True, as a rule, things don’t go further than these promises to ourselves. It would seem that it is not in our interests to stop halfway, but most are comfortable doing nothing and continuing their usual way of life.

It's time to stop being afraid of change and understand: by continuing to put off taking care of our figure, we are harming ourselves and slowly deteriorating our health. After all, losing weight means not only starting to like yourself and others, smiling at the reflection in the mirror, putting on dresses that were too small, but also feeling truly reborn - without the burden of extra pounds and sores: shortness of breath, swelling and other problems that come with it. hand in hand with excess weight.

How to force yourself to start losing weight without having to endure working on yourself an endless number of times? First, let's try to clearly formulate our motives.

Starting a new life: setting a goal

setting a weight loss goal

Think about what do you want? Basically, the desire to regain slimness is caused by:

  • dreams of attractiveness and the return of a lost sense of lightness;
  • awareness that losing weight is simply necessary to maintain health and beauty;
  • problems arising from excess weight - diabetes, varicose veins, gastrointestinal disorders, shortness of breath, cardiac dysfunction, etc.

Think about your health before it deteriorates completely, become irresistible in the eyes of others and love yourself - this is why it is vitally important to motivate yourself to lose weight and completely transform your lifestyle. This is especially true for those who constantly hear from friends: "You’ve gained so much weight! "He also buys new oversized things because his favorite dresses and blouses have become too small, he is forced to be ashamed of his body and constantly go to the doctors because of his deteriorating health. Allow yourself to open a new page in your life - start the path to slimness with the right steps!

How to find motivators for losing weight?

Do not forget that the goal must be formulated clearly and clearly - it will be our "engine" on the way to the desired result. In order to find it, you need to look inside yourself. Answer the question honestly: why do you want to lose weight?

  • Are you tired of constant depression and want the reflection in the mirror to make you happy?
  • Are health problems keeping you from living life to the fullest?
  • Are people around you constantly hinting to you that it’s time to think about your figure?

The main thing is to start losing weight not for others, but for yourself. Then you will feel satisfied with the result and begin to work on yourself - not under pressure, but with pleasure and a strong desire to change!

losing excess weight motivates you to lose weight

It’s also worth thinking: are we doing everything right? No advice from a psychologist will help if motivation to lose weight is an empty phrase for you, and the desire to eat is sacred.

  • Try to figure out the problems yourself - an honest conversation with your inner self will not hurt anyone. First, set a realistic goal that you will strive for. For example, fit into an old dress or jeans.
  • Convince yourself that losing weight is a transition to a new healthy life, and not torture of the body. After all, if you choose the right option - a balanced diet, maintaining daily caloric intake, combating physical inactivity - this will happen. With a change in your own habits will come a new sense of yourself.
  • You should not lose weight by a certain date - there is a high risk of relaxing after this Everest is conquered. Always watch your figure, without limiting yourself to a time frame.
  • Visualization works well: watch movies and programs about losing weight, find motivating pictures for the refrigerator or desktop to maintain self-confidence.

Another way to tune in to the right wave also helps - keep a diary in which all the ups and downs will be noted, not only the positive moments and achievements, but also the difficulties that you had to experience. Don't be afraid to write about how hard it was to switch from your usual high-calorie foods to healthy foods. Remember: honesty and self-confidence come first.

For men, the motivation for losing weight should be stricter than for girls. Don’t be afraid to tell yourself "you can’t": think about what you are depriving yourself of by indulging your own weaknesses. Attention from the opposite sex, good health, an athletic physique - do you want it all? Then change yourself and change your own diet. And don’t forget: water does not flow under a lying stone.

What to do if the weight has risen: how to force the body to lose weight again, and to believe in a good result

Often on the way to the goal there is a plateau effect - a kind of delay in losing extra pounds, when the number on the scale is in no hurry to change, despite all our tricks. Should we panic? In no case.

how to find the strength to lose weight
  • Remember that the reasons for a sudden "break" can be completely different: from the onset of menstruation to a slowdown in metabolism.
  • Often, a plateau effect occurs when someone who is losing weight is addicted to diets and limits themselves in everything. Make the right diet and eat well.
  • Do not overdo it with physical activity - too intense training can lead to metabolic disorders. Spare your body - choose walking, swimming or aerobics, but not the treadmill, weight training or hours of self-experimentation in the fitness club.

Advice from a psychologist: how to motivate yourself to lose weight so as not to fail

  • Don’t set the bar too high: set only the goal that you can achieve. Believe in yourself and see the present as an opportunity to create a wonderful future.
  • Don’t be afraid to turn to your loved ones for support - sometimes it is simply necessary.
  • Think of yourself with love and respect. We all deserve to be healthy and slim, beautiful and successful.

The best, strongest and most correct motivation for losing weight, which we so lack, is the thought that we can change. By getting rid of excess weight, we give ourselves a life without health problems, despair, and dissatisfaction caused by our own body. Being slim is a chance to turn the page and start living in a new way - joyfully and easily. Don't put off working on yourself until tomorrow. Start today and move forward with confidence.

Psychology of weight loss and the search for motivation: looking for the ideal incentive

psychology of weight loss

Some people refuse to lose weight because they associate the changes that await them with something unpleasant and obviously unsuccessful. Who would be inspired by giving up their favorite foods without a decent alternative or fanatical training in a fitness club (especially for a person far from sports)? It is clear that those who are faced only with unjustifiably harsh measures are only deterred from losing weight and forced to remain in their comfort zone with their favorite treats for many years.

Negative motivation works exactly the opposite. Imagine being constantly reminded of the threat of obesity, forced to cut back on your diet or even go hungry, and told about the negative consequences that could arise if you suddenly break down and go astray. The result of such admonitions and restrictions is a subconscious fear of failure - a person begins to fear that he will not be able to meet the requirements or maintain the result, and withdraws into himself. An incorrect attitude is developed - the belief that a full life is possible only after losing weight. And, alas, it does not contribute to a positive result, but only increases dissatisfaction with oneself.

First you need to understand simple things:

  • The fear that nothing will work out is an obstacle to being slim. You have to tell yourself with confidence: "I can do it! "A positive attitude is half the success, our trump card in the fight against extra pounds.
  • People who are accustomed to eating incorrectly often cannot give up the benefits that unhealthy foods give them. One of them is the comfort of food, access to an antidepressant that is always at hand. Find meaning in a healthy and slim life, not in cakes and buns! We eat to live, not live to eat.
  • Love yourself - a person who is confident in himself and his attractiveness will never think of overeating in order to drown out melancholy, loneliness or depression. Stop being shy about your body - visualize the figure of your dreams, believe in yourself and everything will work out!

Why does negative motivation never help? The problem is that it makes a person merciless towards himself, forces him to punish himself for being overweight, obey strict rules, live in conditions of prohibitions and total "impossibles". This attitude can lead to serious psychological problems, depression and new pounds.

Don’t forget: effective weight loss is only possible with positive motivation - for both women and men:

  • Think about the fact that your slimness is an example for others who want to change, but cannot find the strength within themselves to transform themselves.
  • The path to slimness can be easy and simple - proper nutrition and the help of specialists will help you overcome all obstacles and achieve the desired slimness without the restrictions and harm of dubious methods.
  • The goal is achievable - all that is important is the right attitude, following the right principles, support and formation of new values.
  • Light and low-fat food can be very tasty. By removing fast food, sweets, and smoked foods from your diet, you find healthy and appetizing replacements for them, and most importantly, you begin to monitor what you eat and control the calorie content of your dishes. Treats are not prohibited - they can be fruit and berry jellies and mousses, fruit salads and cocktails, dark chocolate.
  • Let's not forget about physical activity, but even here you need to know when to stop - exercise in the gym until you break a sweat is cancelled. The best options are running, swimming, stretching or yoga, walking instead of sitting in front of the TV and going out into nature.

Motivation for proper nutrition: losing weight without harm

how to lose weight without harm

An effective fight against extra pounds does not mean constant deprivation and categorical restrictions up to and including starvation, but a transition to a healthy, balanced diet and regular meals. You cannot skip breakfast, lunch and dinner - think for yourself, do you want your body to suffer from exhaustion and slowdown of metabolic processes? Then give him the necessary energy every day, watching the calorie content of his meals and adhering to the instructions of specialists.

Give up the words "I can’t" - eating right and losing weight with pleasure is very simple. The main thing is to give up comfort food and the only meaning of life. You can overcome your addiction to everything high-calorie and harmful, and you have the power to start the path to slimness right now!

How to Find Strong Motivation to Lose Weight

Should you look for incentives on your own or seek advice from professionals? Some motives remain hidden until you visit a specialist. That is why it is vitally important to seek help from those who know first-hand the underlying causes of excess weight gain. You will learn how to change yourself without betraying yourself, start a new life and regain your slimness without harm to your health - and all this with constant support for you in any endeavor and help in the first steps towards the figure of your dreams.

The right motivation for losing weight, a positive attitude and the desire for better results will help you find your ideal weight and maintain it, maintaining self-confidence and beauty. Say goodbye to dissatisfaction with your body and transform with us, losing weight according to individual programs with health comfort. Contact our clinic, attend your first free consultation, and you will understand - losing extra pounds is easy and simple!