Does yoga help you lose weight: how exercise affects your figure

It is impossible to say unequivocally whether yoga helps to lose weight quickly, but according to reviews it gives really noticeable results in working on body shaping. In this process, an integrated approach is required: do not forget about proper nutrition, massages, take care of the condition of the skin. Yoga, on the other hand, will ensure harmony of the soul and body, will give motivation, which will direct the accumulated energy in the right direction. People who resort to such activities can boast not only a fit figure, but also good health, accompanied by a good mood.

What is yoga

The cultures of different peoples have many differences, without becoming less interesting from this. In the modern world, their interlacing is possible, the introduction of elements into one another. Yoga is a representative of Indian culture, which is a combination of physical, spiritual and mental. The purpose of this set of practices is to control the functions of the body, which ultimately allows you to achieve an exalted state.

The classical technique is considered more feminine than masculine. However, there is no evidence that yoga is not suitable for men without helping to lose weight. The postures of this gymnastics, supported by Eastern philosophy, are called asanas. Among them there are those for which special training is required, while others are available for beginners as well. Like any exercise that helps you lose weight, yoga loves consistency - exercise regularly and the effect will be!

Is it possible to lose weight with yoga

Beginning any course of physical exercise, be aware that you will have to go the hard way before you achieve the result you are comfortable with. If you do not like what you are doing, you will not get pleasure, you will begin to be haunted by fatigue and the desire to immediately give up everything. The answer to the question of whether it is possible to lose weight from yoga depends on the following:

  • Your relationship to her. If you go to each lesson with joy, and not in order to quickly complete all the instructor's tasks and get one step closer to a slender figure, then yoga is yours!
  • Strict adherence to the instructor's requirements and the correct performance of asanas. To avoid injury, it is necessary to start with less difficult elements, gradually increasing them in difficulty under the guidance of a trainer.
  • Correct breathing. It is difficult to imagine a beautiful body acquired through practice without the ability to breathe correctly. Breathing exercises are just as important as physical exercises.
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How many calories are burned

You want to remove excess fat, adjust the shape of the abdomen and hips as soon as possible. Do not forget that sports can only help in combination with a proper balanced diet. After asking if yoga helps for weight loss, those who plan to start exercising are interested in the number of calories burned. Beginners are advised to start with the classic course. These workouts help you burn from 250 to 400 kcal per hour. However, in the exercise, the development of joints and toning of the muscles play a more important role than getting rid of the fat layer.

How does it affect the figure

The benefits of any exercise for the body are undeniable. To find out how yoga affects your figure, you can talk to someone who has been practicing it for a long time. If there is no such person in your environment, then it will be interesting for you to familiarize yourself with the following list of positive effects from this oriental practice:

  • Strengthening the spine. Gymnastics has a preventive effect on people who suffer from back diseases.
  • Body flexibility. Stretching exercises performed during the session help the ligaments become more elastic.
  • Wellness. They say that a healthy mind can only be in a healthy body, but vice versa, this truth also works. Due to proper breathing, many processes in the body are normalized, ensuring its recovery and rejuvenation.

Yoga and weight loss

Sport helps to maintain a beautiful shape and, if necessary, can get rid of extra pounds. It is definitely impossible to say whether they lose weight from yoga. Since it depends on a specific person and his compliance with all the conditions. However, if the student follows the rules, then it will be useful for him to find out that the exercise system has several varieties, from which you can lose more or less kilograms. So that the result is not long in coming, it is necessary to practice under the supervision of an instructor at least for the first time.


An integrated approach to classes helps to achieve harmony, which is no less important than a beautiful appearance. Hatha yoga means a combination of physical and mental means. A balanced diet is imperative when using this practice. It is allowed, and sometimes it is simply necessary to cleanse the gastrointestinal tract. In addition to performing asanas, it is necessary to monitor the breathing, the position of the hands and control the sign language. You cannot do in this kind of yoga without concentration and meditation.

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The dynamism of movements is what will help to shake the body and remove excess fat. If you don't know if yoga helps you lose weight, choose the more active option, but do not neglect the accompaniment of a trainer. Ashtanga yoga, being a subspecies of hatha, is distinguished by bundles of movements called vinyasas, which are combined with a sequence of asanas. The main idea of this teaching is that the practitioner is obliged to achieve compliance with all the rules of practice, and not to adjust it for himself. Only in this case, ashtanga helps to lose weight and improve the body's health.


Several millennia ago, in India, a method was invented for performing asanas in an inverted form, when a person was hanging in the air. Air yoga, which is gaining more and more popularity, helps the muscles to relax in a natural way. At the same time, in the process of changing the position of the body and adopting various postures, there is enough activity to lose weight. There is a healing and rejuvenation of the body due to the stimulation of blood circulation. This view is also good for the mental state: the relaxation achieved by practicing in a suspended hammock helps with meditation.


Psychologist Dina Rodriguez, who has long favored hatha yoga, decided that a separate type of training was needed for women. Their goal should be to relieve the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, treat insomnia, and reduce the effects of stress on the body. By stimulating the functions of the thyroid gland, ovaries, pituitary and adrenal glands, hormone production is activated. This combination of breathing exercises, asanas and gymnastics helps to lose weight, but you should not expect stunning results. This type is aimed more at raising the tone of the body.


There are varieties of the system that have been invented and spread relatively recently. These include the power one, which appeared in 1995 and vaguely resembles Ashtanga. The workout consists of several parts, separated by breathing exercises. Each block is a continuous performance of asanas, interspersed with intense ligaments. Such trainings help build endurance. The activity of this type, combined with proper breathing, nourishes the blood with oxygen.

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Sports clubs constantly practice introducing new interesting lessons in order to attract clients. For example, for those wondering if yoga helps you lose weight, there is a fitness prefix version. With the exclusion of the shortcomings of each of these directions, their synthesis is obtained, suitable for most people. Fitness training has a significant drawback is a frantic pace, and fitness yoga has a large meditative part. It takes place in a more relaxed rhythm, and meditation is spent here as much time as physical exercise.

Lesson results

Whether the desired effect will be achieved depends on the individual and his aspirations. All types of yoga have a positive effect on the body, making joints flexible and muscles elastic. In addition, it will be an excellent assistant in oxygenation of the blood. When asked whether yoga will help you lose weight, instructors say that exercising while following a light diet normalizes digestion and stimulates metabolic processes. It is important to get pleasure from the process, then the result will definitely be!