Effective weight loss diet: the best and safest recipes

The girl lost weight by dieting

Almost all obesity veterans are familiar with the pendulum effect. In 70%, excess weight will inevitably come back, taking with you a couple of kilos. The International Research Institute has proven the theory of the perfect diet: An effective weight loss diet is one that can be followed for a lifetime. And it doesn't matter what kind of diet it is (even a naked turnip), the basic principle is to be able to stay on it.

The harm of a fast diet

Before you open the top list of the best diets in the world, you need to remember the main criteria for success in losing weight. After all, it is important for every woman not only to quickly "drain" the pounds, but also to stay healthy. An apron made of leather instead of a belly is still a flower. After the pursuit of thinness, many women count the real losses from their former beauty: sluggish, wrinkled skin, a sickly look, a dull look, posture in the form of a question mark.

Preparing wholesome dietary food for a lean and healthy body

Do not "merge" your beauty with fat,a few simple rules that must be followed daily will help:

  • The calorie content of the diet should not be less than 1200 kcal. The body is a very tricky thing, if it suspects that you are aiming to deprive it of the main criterion of survival - food, it will begin to spite you to store food for future use. As a result, you will not only knock down your metabolism, which your body has been honing for years, but you will soon notice that you have stopped losing weight. Instead of fat, consumables - muscles will begin to be "eaten". What's more, when you start eating normally again, the fat storage will be even harder. Again, to spite you.
  • Don't give up fat. This refers to polyunsaturated fats, which should be at least 25 grams in the diet. This is the conservation law of the brain, which is mainly composed of fat and water. If the cherished 25 grams are not available, they will come from nails, joints, skin, hair, etc. Everything that contains beauty nourishes fats. In addition, polyunsaturated fats are not deposited in places that spoil the figure.
  • Don't deprive yourself of your favorite foods. This is the psychological component of success. The stricter a person is towards himself, the more resourceful his mind becomes. Eating behavior should be changed gradually. Pamper yourself periodically, so you can last a long distance.
  • Drink plenty of water. Not always, when a person wants to eat, he wants exactly food. The receptors responsible for satiety send a signal of hunger and quite often, this is a signal of thirst, which we easily confuse. If you realize you've recently had a snack and are still hungry, drink plenty of water. Your saturation center will easily fall for such a simple trick.

We offer a rating of diets in terms of effectiveness, which have been tested, have the best reviews and are the safest:

  1. "Shuffle".
  2. A diet for the lazy.
  3. Buckwheat.
  4. On kefir.
  5. Protein diet.
  6. Mediterranean.

Non-existent nutritionist

This weight loss regimen appeared in the late 90s in a women's magazine. The author was a certain person who actually turned out to be a journalist who signed herself with a pseudonym and wrote a column. As you know, the recipe for "Protasovka" came from a team hodgepodge of "useful tips for losing weight. "But the people do not care where and who came up with, the main thing is a working system. And judging by the fact that it has come down to our days, it is the most effective.

The diet is easy to follow, you practically do not feel hunger and what is especially pleasing - you can lose 5-7 kilograms in a week.

The "Shuffle" is divided into 5 weeks:

  • For 1-2 weeks, 1500 grams of raw vegetables are eaten every day. You can add to them 3 apples (preferably green ones), 550 ml of kefir or fermented baked milk with at least 4% fat;
  • 3, 4 and 5 weeks, half of the kefir is removed from the diet and 300 gr is added. animal protein (fish, poultry, meat). It is better to steam or boil meat;
  • After 5 weeks, it is recommended to "exit" from the diet. It's very simple. Add soups, cereals, and boiled vegetables to your daily diet.
To lose weight effectively, you need to consume enough water.

Pros: in a month you can lose weight by 10-15 kg and this is without much effort. After such unloading, it is convenient to switch to a normal diet, the kilograms do not return, because you get a good habit of eating a lot of vegetables.

Cons: contraindicated for people suffering from exacerbations of the gastrointestinal tract, as intestinal motility increases due to the large amount of raw vegetables.

Lose weight effortlessly

This is not so much a diet as a sensible recommendation for proper food intake, which was developed by a famous physician. This man all his life studied various approaches to improving the body, and on himself.

The method of losing weight on water is based, or rather, its correct intake. In this way, it is easy to reduce the amount of portions, first by a third, and then by 2-3 times.

You need to develop 3 basic rules for yourself:

  1. Drink 2-3 glasses of lukewarm water in the morning. Strictly before meals. By the way, Japanese scientists advise drinking at least a liter in the morning, this has a beneficial effect on all body systems.
  2. After any meal, even after a snack, do not drink for 2 hours. This is the main condition. In this way, the body processes food with sufficient quality so that, on the one hand, people are really satiated, and on the other hand, the entire enzymatic system is activated. This will have a good effect on the excretory system.
  3. The last meal should take place 4 hours before bedtime.
Strict intake of food and water is the basic rule of the Lazy diet

Pros: the entire digestive system is getting better, metabolism and the release of waste substances are accelerated. Losing weight is going on at a fairly easy and pleasant pace.

Cons: Difficulty resisting a cup of tea after a hearty lunch or dinner. But this is more a matter of habit, which is developed already in the second week.

Magic buckwheat

The buckwheat diet is familiar to many women; it has been popular among the people for a long time and is considered the most effective. This is a mono diet. Therefore, all the pluses and minuses lie in the monotony: on the one hand, everything is simple, you don’t need to invent anything, eat your buckwheat, no calorie counts, the weight goes away as if it were spoken. On the other hand, after 3-5 days it is impossible to look at buckwheat, it turns back and already begins to spit on extra pounds. So buckwheat is for the strong in spirit.

Buckwheat for a mono diet that promotes rapid weight loss

There are nuances of a strict regime:

  1. Buckwheat porridge is not limited in quantity. Eat as much as you like. At any time of the day, even at night by the refrigerator.
  2. We'll have to eliminate salt. Buckwheat is cooked empty: no salt, milk, sugar and other things. If you add salt, you won't get the results you were hoping for.
  3. From the second week, you can add fermented milk products and apples.
  4. Exit from the diet in time should coincide with the diet itself. If you sat on buckwheat for 2 weeks, then gradually add your usual favorite products to your menu for the same amount of time.

From the pros: everyone knows a stunning result - in a week from 5 to 7 kilograms in the red, the face is noticeably tightened, the swelling goes away. This is a very effective diet for weight loss.

The main disadvantage, in addition to boring porridge, is considered an unhealthy diet for people suffering from varicose veins and thrombosis. It turns out that buckwheat is conducive to the formation of blood stagnation when consumed on an ongoing basis.

Dairy products

The fermented milk diet has spread thanks to the famous and charming singer. There was a period when she literally in a matter of weeks turned into "Thumbelina". Naturally, under the onslaught of the curious, she had to reveal her secret. It turned out to be the simplest product - kefir.

On kefir, you can really easily and quickly dump all unnecessary things. This method of losing weight is perfect for those who desperately need to lose 3-5 kilos by the weekend.

The principle of the kefir diet:

  1. The entire unloading period, which should not exceed 10 days, you need to drink kefir. Similarly, as with buckwheat, all food is replaced with kefir, that is, a mono-diet is obtained.
  2. Despite the fact that everyone advises to drink low-fat kefir, you shouldn't forget about 25 grams of fat, which should be included in the daily diet. Therefore, it is recommended to use kefir 3. 2-3. 5% fat. This will give extra richness.
  3. You can drink kefir indefinitely. It has been established empirically that a woman can drink up to 3 liters of kefir per day. Drink a fermented milk product only when you feel like eating.
  4. It is imperative to drink water. Since kefir is a strong diuretic, water will be rapidly excreted from the body.
  5. After 10 days, gradually add apples, cereals, soups to kefir.

Pros: a good decongestant, suitable even for pregnant and weakened people (if you add apples and do not exceed 5 days of restrictions), the weight quickly goes away.

Cons: the weight also quickly returns, if you do not follow the salt restrictions for a long time after unloading, it is not suitable for people with gastritis (a form of increased stomach acidity).

Diet of Dr. Pierre Ducan

Perhaps the most famous and sensational diet of all time. Dr. Ducan's protein diet denies all forms of balance, which, in fact, fundamentally compromises health. But this does not prevent young, healthy girls from torturing themselves. Yes, you can lose weight. This happens quickly, the body literally becomes thinner.

The whole secret is based on metabolic "attacks". The body is literally "frightened" by the large amount of pure protein, which is calculated individually by the body mass index (BMI). Then fresh vegetables are added to them. In total, the system is designed for 4 approaches - attacks.

Avoiding sweets in favor of fresh vegetables will help you get rid of extra pounds.

Stages of losing weight in the Dukanov diet:

  1. The first week, which is designed to shake up the metabolism, consists of a protein diet: meat, fish, seafood. By the end of the week, you will see the first stunning results, which will not only delight, but will also motivate you for further success.
  2. Further, the second, longest period of weight loss begins, which can last until the desired result (up to a year). During this period, starch-free vegetables are added.
  3. To consolidate the resulting ideal figure, for 2 weeks, eat protein foods with the addition of grains, cheese and fruits.
  4. To maintain the desired state, once a week, do a protein fasting day.
  5. The exceptions are: dairy products, sugars, fatty meats, smoked meats. From the pleasant requirements - sausage (natural) is possible.

Pros: excess weight is permanently lost.

Of the minuses, the main one is that you can lose precious health. The diet went through many tests and studies, from which people came out with different diagnoses: kidney problems, liver problems, fatigue syndrome and depression. Loss of vitamins and minerals is inevitable. Some may advise taking a multivitamin. But it is better to see a doctor so as not to get hurt. Because drugs are expensive these days, and the best treatment is to avoid diseases.

Mediterranean miracle

It is very similar to the Dukanov diet, but not so strict and pleasant to the taste. She came to us from Portugal, where it is more of a way of life. Where the ocean is, people unwittingly become followers of this diet. As the name implies, seafood delicacies become the main diet here.

The diet is simple:

  1. Breakfast, lunch and dinner consists of shrimp, shellfish, red fish.
  2. It can and should be diluted with fresh greens salads, vegetables, fruits.
  3. Don't forget about water. Not less than 2. 5 liters per day.
  4. Last meal 4 hours before bedtime.
  5. Eliminate or minimize salt and sugar.

An obvious plus: a very pleasant diet, improves mood and libido, you lose up to 3 kilograms per week.

Obvious disadvantage: expensive. And if a large family is doubly expensive, because all dietary supplies will scatter before you put everything in the refrigerator.

A short course of success

Buckwheat diet - an effective nutritional system for weight loss

Effective weight loss diets recommended by nutritionists are summed up in three words: moderation, variety and balance.

New diets appear every year, but not all of them turn out to be beneficial. To understand which diets are the most effective and safe, the main criterion is highlighted - it should not be too strict. Something should match the tastes of losing weight. Because if it is difficult to control yourself, all efforts will end in failure.

If you look at the online rating of weight loss diets by effectiveness, you can get 3. 5 million popular results. Almost none of them will match. This suggests that none is actually the best diet for weight loss.

Some are of the opinion that low-fat foods are the best, while others will argue that carbohydrates, sugar and gluten are the worst enemies that strive to put on a kilogram of weight every day.

There are pros and cons for each option. But experts and research alike say one thing: a working diet is one that can be followed for a lifetime, not a month or a week. Thus, you can get rid of excess weight permanently.