Diet six petals: menus and reviews

The 6-petal diet is a complex combination of a variety of daily mono-diets. Unusual, bright, "flower" nutrition system, developed by a dietitian Anna Johansson from Sweden, is designed to help not only lose excess weight, but also create a pleasant, positive atmosphere and excellent emotional mood while losing weight. The magic "flower-six-color", according to the plan of the author of the diet, with multi-colored petals and the inscriptions of the days of the permitted product, symbolizes the desire, dreams and aspirations of a losing weight.

foods by day for the 6 petal diet

Diet description

Monotonous mono-diets, which lasted for many weeks, or even months, lead to exhaustion due to the lack of minerals, nutrients, vitamins. Adding physical activity to this, the losing weight feels that the only desire is not a good mood = well-being, but a wild desire to take a horizontal position and . . . sleep, lie down, sleep again. The essence of the one-component "6 petals" weight loss method distinguishes it among others:

  • optimally balanced alternation of mono menu petals: protein and carbohydrate dishes, foods with a small portion of healthy amino acids and unsaturated fats;
  • psychological support and color emotional release by creating your own "slimming flower" with petals for 6 days of diet. Tearing off a petal at the end of the day, you assert yourself, rejoicing at the results of weight loss;
  • Having received positive reviews from nutritionists, the six-petal diet lasts less than a week, and the recommended repetition rate is no more than 1 time per month.

Combined into a single nutritional system, one-component diets have the best efficiency during the first days of use. The 6-petal diet is based on the principle of replacing protein days with carbohydrates, when the body does not have time to reorganize to accumulate a certain type of food "for hard times", while spending energy obtained from food or spending previously accumulated reserves of subcutaneous fat.

The sequence of petals of the mono diet was not chosen by chance: by enriching the body with fatty amino acids through the fish menu, the next day you replenish glucose reserves with vegetable delicacies. Chicken meat will maintain muscle tone, cereal carbohydrates will normalize the energy balance. Cottage cheese of the next petal of the diet will restore mineral reserves, and fruit delicacies will start metabolic processes.

The sequence of alternating diet petals is calculated for 6 days:

  1. Fish petal.Choose whatever fish you like. Ready-made weight - 300-500 grams. Fish soup or fish jellied is allowed.
  2. Vegetable petal. . . All vegetables, without exception, are allowed, regardless of the starch content.
  3. Chicken petal. . . For a diet, chicken fillet without a skin is suitable, with a total mass of half a kilo of the finished product at the exit. The use of broth or soup with herbs and chicken is allowed.
  4. Cereal petal. . . The low glycemic index of cereals gives a feeling of fullness, stimulating digestion. Bran is useful. It is good to add flax seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds to the 6-petal diet menu.
  5. Curd petal. . . Saturates the body with calcium, and proteins maintain muscle tone, stimulating the consumption of fat reserves.
  6. Fruit petal. . . Saturates the body with the necessary sugars and carbohydrates.

Basic rules of 6 petals

In order for the effectiveness of the petal diet to fully unfold, and you have successfully lost 2-3 kg in 6 days (petals), adhere to the rules of the weight loss method:

  • One petal - one kind of food. Do not add carbohydrates to protein foods, no matter how hungry / tasteless you may be.
  • Follow a strict sequence of food alternatives. Don't swap the carbohydrate or protein days of the 6-petal diet.
  • Alcohol and carbonated drinks should not be consumed on the diet.
  • The feeling of hunger that arises on a petal diet between main meals is extinguished with herbal infusions, tea without sugar.
  • The maximum consumption of protein food per petal is 0. 5 kg; cereals - 200 g (dry); carbohydrates - 1. 5 kg.

Detailed menu for every day

The sample menu "6 petals" includes a mono diet with additives to dishes of natural spices, a small amount of salt and a drop of vegetable oil. The alternation of protein and carbohydrate days of the diet helps the body to effectively burn both calories consumed from food and excess fat "stored" on the waist, tummy and buttocks.

Fish (the first in a series of 6 days of the diet) petal involves the consumption of no more than 500 g of fish. Hake or pollock in the form of steamed meatballs are perfect for breakfast. You can cook fish soup with chunks of fresh pike perch and dill for lunch. Grilled or oven-baked fish is the perfect end to your day.

For a vegetable petal, the second in a series of 6 days of mono diet, an approximate menu is as follows: breakfast - salad of fresh vegetables, coffee; snack - vegetable smoothie (bell pepper, tomatoes, a sprig of parsley, celery); soup for lunch; for dinner - a stew with herbs and mushrooms.

Start the 6 Petal Chicken Petal Diet with a light seasoned meat mousse and a cup of green tea. For lunch - broth, and dinner "diversifies" grilled chicken breast.

Breakfast of the fourth, cereal petal of the diet for 6 days includes oatmeal, steamed in the evening, rosehip broth. Eat bran tortillas for lunch. In the evening, serve Greek people or ordinary buckwheat porridge for dinner.

Prepare to tear off the cottage cheese, the fifth petal of the diet, by preparing a casserole with cottage cheese and kefir for breakfast. Lunch - dessert with vanilla and cinnamon. Dinner - steamed cheesecakes, tea. The total volume of cottage cheese is 500 g per day.

Fruit breakfast of the last, sixth petal of the diet, start with a fruit salad. Fresh fruits retain the maximum amount of nutrients, so eat a choice (no more than 1. 5 kg) of watermelons, berries, kiwi, citrus fruits, pears, peaches all day. For dinner, make baked apples with pumpkin and cinnamon.

Six Day Diet Recipes

A variety of foods rich in slow-digesting carbohydrates, protein provides a rich menu choice. The mono-component composition of the dishes of each petal will not get bored if you cook not an ordinary boiled fish or a whole breast for a couple, but, showing imagination, make a culinary masterpiece based on one product.

For the fish petal diet, you can prepare:

Recipe 1. Grilled red fish with Provencal or Italian herbs

To do this, you need a piece of food foil, in which pre-marinate the fish in a mixture of olive oil (1 tablespoon), lemon juice (1 teaspoon). Grease the steak well on both sides. Wrap in foil, leave for 10-15 minutes. Then unfold the foil, place the fish on the grill. Bake until tender. The steak for the first day of the 6-petal diet is ready!

Recipe 2. Mackerel stuffed with dill

Buy a dry-frozen headless gutted fish carcass. Chop the dill finely. Lightly salt the mackerel, rub the belly with herbs and wrap in foil or put in a double boiler. The cooking time for the fish petal diet is 10-15 minutes for a couple or 30 minutes in the oven.

Recipe 3. Chicken broth

Getting ready to pluck the third of the 6 petal of the magic diet flower? Enrich the chicken menu with broth with pieces of meat, dill, fennel root and green onions. Marinated half chicken breast in a tablespoon of soy sauce, grilled curry will attract you with its aroma and juicy taste.

Recipe 4. Curd dessert

Diversify the cottage cheese, the penultimate day of the 6-petal diet with a delicious cottage cheese dessert with vanilla and cinnamon. Whisk with a blender a glass of natural yogurt, 400 g of cottage cheese, season with a cinnamon stick and vanilla. Delicate, airy curd cream will become an exquisite delicacy of the fifth day of the 6-petal diet.

What foods can and cannot be eaten

Allowed ingredients of the 6 Petal Flower Diet are:

  • Foods prescribed by a specific petal: vegetables, fruits, fish, skinless chicken, cottage cheese, cereals.
  • Greens, natural spices - no restrictions.
  • On carbohydrate days ((petals) - cereal and vegetable - you can include 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil in the diet.
  • It is better to choose low-fat cottage cheese, trying to avoid a cottage cheese product, sweet curd masses, cottage cheese desserts. It is good to supplement the petal menu with milk or kefir or natural yogurt (300 ml).
  • On protein days, the use of chicken broth or fish soup is allowed.
  • Fruits or vegetables on the 6-petal diet go well with fresh juices or vegetable smoothies.
  • Drink more water (up to two liters) per day, drinking in small portions (100 ml).
  • "6 petals" involves the use of green tea, coffee without sugar, natural compotes (fruit day), herbal infusions and preparations.

What the Swedish author of the 6 Petal Nutrition System proposes to exclude from the diet for weight loss on a flower diet:

  • Sweets, chocolates, cakes and other sweets.
  • Sugar and sweeteners.
  • Foods containing preservatives and food additives.
  • Bakery products based on premium flour.
  • Butter, sour cream and other high-fat dairy products.
  • Other foods not included in the main diet menu.


Any mono-diet, even a relatively balanced one, like "6 petals", can provoke an exacerbation of chronic or systemic diseases. Therefore, when deciding on changes in the diet, reducing the calorie content of food, find out the side effects, consult your doctor. The 6 petal diet is categorically contraindicated:

  • During pregnancy.
  • Nursing mothers.
  • If you have allergic reactions to any of the products.
  • If you suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, pancreas, for which preventive nutrition is indicated.
  • Any disease,requiring specialhealth foodor adherence to a certain meal plan, such as diabetes.
  • With endocrine disorders.

Rules for exiting the petal diet

Maintaining the weight achieved on the Six Petals diet is a long and important process. Here are some tips from Anna Johansson for those who have successfully ripped off 6 petals of a one-way food:

  1. At the end of the 6 petal diet, try to follow the principles of separate feeding, continuing to eat protein and carbohydrate foods independently of each other.
  2. Don't forget about polyunsaturated fats - the body needs them.
  3. Don't go overboard on cakes, buns and other confectionery and café masterpieces.
  4. The calorie content of the daily diet should be no more than 2000 kcal in the presence of physical activity and 1800 kcal without it.

Weight loss results - before and after photos

Do you want to fit into your favorite low-waisted jeans or do you have a long-awaited appearance, and the "little black dress" has become small in the literal sense of the word? The 6-petal flower diet will help you lose a couple of kilograms in a short time, put your body in order, and charge you with vivacity and energy. This slimming system gives excellent results - up to 0. 5-0. 8 kg per day. This is confirmed by the reviews and results of losing weight women and girls with detailed photo reports before and after the super diet.

before and after losing weight on a 6 petal diet

Reviews of nutritionists

Nutritionist: The 6 petal diet is an option for those who want to lose a couple of kilograms on the eve of an important event or holiday without severe restrictions, fasting. Great for busy young ladies due to the simplicity of the menu, the availability of products, and the duration of preparation. And, nevertheless, the low calorie content of the allowed portions, the lack of carbohydrates on protein days can cause headaches, lethargy. To remove limiting factors, I recommend taking vitamin complexes enriched with trace elements.

Nutritionist: I am not a supporter of mono diets. A reasonable combination of healthy eating and physical activity, believe me, works no less miracles than the super popular kefir and apple diets. Nutrition according to the 6 petal system is one of the balanced for existing weight loss programs. If you choose this weight loss option, try to stick to the nutritional guidelines at the end of the diet.

Reviews of those who have lost weight

Woman, 32 years old: Beloved invited me to go to rest on the sea. I decided to get myself in perfect shape, but the rush at work did not leave time for the gym and the pool. A friend advised a 6-day diet with the funny name "6 petals". For a week I threw off 3 kg 200 g, and the main weight loss fell on Friday and Sunday - fasting day. Happy with the result! And on the beach, not only my beloved peeked at me!

Girl, 20 years old: I bought a cool dress for the New Year, but it somehow sits wrong. The girls in the group talked about the 6-petal diet, where you can only eat one type of food per day. I drew a flower and admired it. At 56 kg I wanted to throw off the promised three, but it turned out 1. 8 kg! I was upset. But when I tried on the dress, it turned out that the weight went where it was needed - on the sides and bottom. Now I know a way to lose weight quickly!

Woman, 29: The 6-petal diet is not mine. I have never been so hungry: either this diet is not suitable, or I eat a lot. I lost kilograms (it took 2. 8 kg), but since Sunday I was ready to eat everything and more. I could hardly wait for the weekend to arrange a holiday. After 2 weeks, my disappeared kg returned, although I adhered to the correct diet and did not eat in large portions.